Deez nuts 960x340

Deez Nuts + TRC + Louie Knuxx + Counting Days

Wednesday 13th August 2014, 7:00 pm | 10:30 pm curfew Buy Tickets Tickets: £12 adv

“Everyday I never stray from the path that I’ve chosen never cared I’m the loose thread, in the tapestry this world has woven Gravitate towards the ones, who share a like mind. If that ain’t you stay out my lane ill stay out yours we’ll be fine.”

Everything about Deez Nuts and their frontman / founder, JJ Peters, can almost be simplified down to these four lines. It is tucked away towards the back of their new and third album ‘Bout It’, which is without any doubt the best record their now infamous career. And the track, “Live Your Life”, just reiterates the point that the haters seem to miss, but also that makes the true fan love them more with every fist pumping anthem they produce. The point is that Deez Nuts are gonna do things their way and they don’t give a fuck if you disagree.

The four piece finally has it’s most stable line up in years – JJ Peters is joined by fellow Australian Jon Green on bass, while Mat “Realbad” Rogers and Alex Salinger (both from New York City) play Guitar and Drums, respectively. The lineup has been together for the better part of two years after a slew of short and long stays by members from all over the world – all of whom are part of JJ’s crew of international like minded friends who have been down for the ride at one time or another.

Strictly Over 14's, Under 16's with adult (Photographic ID will be required to gain entry regardless of advance ticket purchase.)
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