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Triggerfinger plus special guests Big Sugar

Monday 8th December 2014, 7:00 pm | 11:00 pm curfew Buy Tickets Tickets: £15.00 adv

Triggerfinger have a new album. Songs, sexiness, seventies, glam, blues, shaking hips, handclaps, gritty noise and grooves that aim directly at the midriff: ‘By Absence of the Sun’ is an album that lifts the biggest Belgian guitar band of the moment to yet another level. The record takes the temperature of a period in time in which Ruben Block (guitar, vocals), Monsieur Paul (bass) and Mario Goossens (drums) experienced incredible thrills, but also tasted bitter aftermaths. Ruben Block: ‘Truckloads of good vibes were poured over us. Crazy festivals. Stadium shows in Germany. But simultaneously, my family back home was hit by misfortune. People I love very much got very ill… I was struggling with all these contradictory emotions. I often turned to Greg Gordon: ‘What do you think of these lyrics?’ That the record is so vivid and full of energy, is greatly due to Greg. I could easily have written a dark melancholy album.’ 

‘By Absence of the Sun’ is an album that was born out of various contradictions. There was that awful gap between poor and rich on the streets of Hollywood the band witnessed when recording in Sunset Sound. On tour, each member felt both the adrenaline-fuelled euphoria of the live shows and the homesickness and loneliness that come with life on the road. Mario Goossens: ‘One day you’re playing in a crazily hot tent on the Sziget festival – our sound guy read 51 degrees Celsius on his cell phone! – the next day you’re back home, trying to adjust to the slow domestic tempo of your beloved ones.’ And do not forget the personality clash that is Triggerfinger: Monsieur ‘Big Mouth’ Paul, Mario the diplomat and Ruben the mediator.

There’s one issue the three easily agree on: how ‘By Absence of the Sun’ sounds. Ruben Block feels a lot of ZZ Top in his riffs, Mario Goossens thinks the atmosphere of the record is very Roxy Music, Monsieur Paul hears echoes of Robert Palmer’s ‘tongue in cheek chic’. All sartorially savvy gentlemen, always wearing a well-cut suit. Hardly a coincidence. Monsieur Paul: ‘Triggerfinger is: opening our van and finding a row of suits between the mess of cables, guitars and amps. Fine gentlemen’s suits, but covered with dirty, smelly sweat stains.’ A sweaty tailor-made suit: it’s the ultimate contradiction defining ‘By Absence of the Sun’.

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Strictly Over 14s, Under 16s with adult (Photographic ID may be required to gain entry)
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