The Spitfires + The Scarletts + DJ Moddy

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The Spitfires are a Watford based 3 piece who have been together since September 2012 featuring Billy Sullivan on Vocal/Guitars and is the band’s songwriter, Sam Long on Bass/Vocals and Matt Johnson on Drums.

The Spitfires have released three critically acclaimed singles (Spark to Start , Tell Me and I’m Holdin’ On) , gigged extensively at home and abroad in which fans new and old alike immerse themselves in the power and energy that comes firing off the stage.

They’ve also been part of several advertising campaigns including iconic clothing brands such as Merc, Baracuta, Brutus and Dr. Marten’s , which tells you their sharp style hasn’t gone unnoticed right at the very top of fashion and culture.
With songs such as 2014 , Spoke Too Soon and Words to Say, The Spitfires document the frustration and issues that most teenage bands tend to avoid in these adverse times. The band though show verve , guile and a maturity beyond their years to show that there more than capable of being around for a long time.


Hotly tipped Watford three-piece The Spitfires took to the stage next (Undercover Festival)  easily showing why they are so highly regarded. They ripped through their set (looking brilliantly sharply dressed throughout), the original punk-rock flavour and influence there for all to see. Their lyrics potent and sound vicious, this is a classic punk rock band for the 21st Century, re-energising the original sound. Although slightly distant with the crowd, this only added to the atmosphere in what was a brilliant set.

Dan Stoten, Punk Archive

I can’t recall an opening band at any Camber Sands Rally being so well received or instigating such a positive reaction from the audience with raw energy supercharged delivery and a batch of top quality material. They had the whole of the main room buzzing.

Sarge, Scootering Magazine

The Spitfires came to Manchester in December and blew everyone away with their brilliant music and raw onstage energy, not to mention their sharp dress sense which caught the eye of ‘Doc Martins’ whom went on to sponsor the band. These boys have the youthful energy of an early ‘Jam’ and the tunes to more than match. They inject hunger, energy, passion and style into their music and with a massive UK tour coming up we expect the youth of the nation to wake up and latch on to what these boys are all about.

Mancunia Promotions

Watford Observer – “Fierce and Anthemic”

Gary Crowley BBC London DJ – “Great band, punk pop power!”

Martin Blunt , The Charlatans  – “The most energy I’ve seen in a band in 20 years”

NE LIVE – So, to the Spitfires. What can I say, as they stepped up onto the stage, the crowd were already going berserk. The band had swagger, and style, and there was a certain Manchester music scene element about them – with strong comparisons to the likes of The Stone Roses and a very young Oasis.

The crowd were really up for this one. Everyone was on their feet; football chants portrayed across the entire venue, the frenzied crowd were bouncing up and down and going nuts, and that was just after the first striking riff.

The band were gripping, eccentric and had a raw energy about them. They are more than just simply a band – they are revolutionists. They divulge into areas other teenage bands are scared to go; documenting the issues and frustrations young people go through, which creates a powerful message for like-minded souls.


‘Filled with Billy Sullivan’s husky, Weller-esque vocals, booming bass lines and appropriately raucous, retro riffs, ‘I’m Holdin’ On’ oozes a raw energy that rips through the listener compellingly. A must-listen for lovers of all-things-mod, or – infact – lovers of all-things-great, full stop’

Bonehead – Oasis

Great tune (I’m Holdin’ On),can imagine The Spitfires are great live!

Pelirocco Platters

The most exciting band in London bar none!

Scootering Magazine

Nitrous charged, highly explosive new single from Watford power pop trio that’s right up there alongside everything they’ve achieved so far. Scorching, buzz saw power chords, unrelenting drums and brick in sock bass lines combine to lay waste to all challengers. As the Spitfires rightly launch into a victory roll with this raw double edged gem driven to glory Billy Sullivan’s hard hitting lyrics. Recorded at Paul Weller’s Black Barn Studio, undoubtedly comparisons with a trio from Woking from near 40 years ago will be made by some. But that was then, this is now. The Spitfires are one of the most energetic live guitar acts and this is a mere taster for their incendiary live performances.





Strictly Over 14s, Under 16s with adult (Photographic ID will be required to gain entry regardless of advance ticket purchase.)
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