ESSIE + The DabHands + Janissary + Area52 + The Shermans

Friday 21st August 2015, 6:30 pm | 10:30 pm curfew Buy Tickets Tickets: £10

Essie is an alternative-rock singer-songwriter who lives and breathes original music. Having recently relocated to London, Essie continues to surround herself with music. Drawing on an exciting mix of influences from The Black Keys, through to U2, Gin Wigmore and even Adele, Essie’s developed her own unique sound and delivers it with a confident stage presence.

Essie feels that the relationship and the communication between artist and fans is the most important part of music, and she constantly seeks to connect on a deeper level through both her recordings and live shows. Essie’s passionate approach to music creation and performance translates into her moving live performances. From the stomping blues-rock numbers to her stadium rock songs and power ballads through to her simple and sincere acoustic based offerings, Essie’s music provides something for everyone. Essie sees live music as a way of bringing all sorts of people from different walks of life into the one place to share in a powerful and unifying communal experience. She constantly strives to write and perform music that enables her audience to feel that they have been an integral and vital part of a unique performance.


Min age 14, Under 16's with an adult over 18 (ID required for all customers)
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