The Church of Malcolm

Wednesday 23rd September 2015, 7:30 pm | 10:30 pm curfew Buy Tickets Tickets: £15.00

“..heartfelt songs with an affirmative spirit, like Donovan jamming with Pulp..” (The Guardian)

The following is a true story…

Malcolm, a self-confessed party animal, wasn’t feeling well. Not well at all. He was losing weight and had no energy. He went to see his doctor, who was also a friend and who sent him for tests.

On the phone a few days later, Malcolm pushed for the diagnosis. The doctor gave it to him straight. “Malcolm, you have leukaemia.”

The disease was of the ‘hairy cell’ variety, which could be treated and Malcolm was sent straight in for chemotherapy.

Malcolm’s body reacted badly to the chemo. Very badly. While The Angels of Kings College Hospital worked to save his life, Malcolm’s friends came to him in visions of music and love – familiar faces in unfamiliar situations.

Malcolm nearly died. But Malcolm lived.

And now he has a message for us all:

Isn’t life great?

The Church Of Malcolm is a unique theatre presentation. A live rock gig interlaced with a positive world view and a narrative about returning from the brink of death with certain revelations on the very nature of being and the Cosmos.

Malcolm and his band engage the audience as a non-denominational congregation, spreading love and positivity through the vibrations of music. Imagine the experience of going to church except without the dogma, the ‘God’ bit.

The show incorporates a colourful visual spectacle through the use of projections, graphics and movie sections which accompany a set of catchy and uplifting songs from the forthcoming Church Of Malcolm album.

There are eight musical numbers and the band will be joined onstage by special celebrity guests on certain songs both live and on film.

Rumer sings “Diamonds an Elephants”, David McAlmont sings “Beauty”, Philip Rambow sings his anthem ‘Happiness’ and acclaimed Scottish stand up Ashley Storrie delivers a hilarious monologue.

And all the while Malcolm plays the role of The Reverend, engaging the audience throughout.

The music is dynamic and inspiring and the energy positive and infectious. You will leave feeling better about yourself and your place within the Universe.


Min age 14, Under 16's with an adult over 18 (Photographic ID required)
Presented by Morsecode Live