Jonny Kaplan & The Lazy Stars + The Peckham Cowboys

Sunday 18th October 2015, 7:00 pm | 11:00 pm curfew Buy Tickets Tickets: £10.00 advance

Jonny Kaplan is a travelling troubadour in the truest sense. Whether sailing to a far off island, playing sold-out shows in Europe with his band, riding motorcycles up and down the West Coast or wandering around a developing country with his acoustic guitar in hand, it’s all part of the same journey. And it’s the journey of a true artist.

But it’s not just Jonny who’s always moving forward, his music is too. With his latest album ‘Sparkle And Shine’, he presents an innovative and engaging collection of American rock numbers that opens Jonny Kaplan & The Lazy Stars into a new era of his musical career.

The end result is a striking collection of rock numbers that draw from Americana, country and folk, recalling musicians like Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Ray LaMontagne, The Band and Gram Parsons. “It was apparent in the songwriting that there was an extreme diversity on the record in what kinds of songs they are,” Jonny says. “A lot of the songs needed to be recorded completely differently. Sometimes you set up and make everything on the record have a similar sound, but there’s a lot of different sounding music on this record. It was also a definite conscious decision from the beginning to add an element of sophistication to the record.”

Having played with artists like Kings Of Leon, The Wallflowers, Lucinda Williams, Keith Richards and Wilco, Jonny and the band are no strangers to the stage. Find out for yourself when they stop here at The Borderline this autumn.


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