Grant-Lee Phillips + William the Conqueror

Thursday 28th April 2016, 7:00 pm | 10:30 pm curfew Buy Tickets Tickets: £17.50

Stage Times

Doors – 7pm
William the Conqueror – 7.45pm
Grant-Lee Phillips – 8.45pm
Curfew – 10:30pm

*All times approximate and subject to change

In a career defined by risk and reflection, Phillips only just recently took on the biggest gamble of his life…and with the wager comes ‘The Narrows’.

Phillips’ latest dispatch on Yep-Roc Records is bathed in a woody, warmly reverberating sonic signature. The album’s thirteen songs are marked by longing and a resolute sense of purpose: as though hurling yourself full-force into the unknown is as sensible as any other more commonly prescribed course. After all, what feels unknown may be residing just below the surface – should you be willing to dig for it and be open to discovery.

“Discovery is what I love the most about songwriting,” Phillips shares. “When it comes to albums, I tend to let the through-line reveal itself as I gather a collection of songs. Recurring themes tend to arise organically, and I enjoy encountering them like fresh webs in the morning.” The lure of Tennessee, the longing for change, trusting some sort of ancient unknown and a willingness to set out onto new paths are imprinted in the subtext of ‘The Narrows’, with the opening “Tennessee Rain” ringing out like a manifesto: “I’ll get to where I’m going,” Phillips sings assuredly. “The sun is still plenty high.”

Catch Grant-Lee Phillips live as he comes to the UK celebrating the release of his latest album, performing live here April 2016.


Min age 14, U16's with adult 18+ (Photo ID required for all customers)
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