Yashin + City of Ashes + When Our Time Comes

Saturday 5th March 2016, 7:30 pm | 10:30 pm curfew Buy Tickets Tickets: £12.50

Introducing Yashin (Japanese for ‘ambition’): The alternative rock band, formed in Scotland’s most exciting city of Glasgow, has the kind of charisma and versatility that will see them step into the limelight and make their mark on the globe. Led by American born Harry Radford, alongside Scottish born Kevin Miles, Yashin deliver some of the most powerful dual vocals that can be heard in alternative music today. Guitarist Paul Travers, who initiates most of the band’s songwriting, has built his sound on Southern guitar styles and big riffs. His counterpart Connor MacLeod compliments the songs with a tight attack and unique style on rhythm guitar. Dave Beaton’s flawless and incredible ability behind the kit and bassist Andrew McShane’s energy and precise delivery complete a sound that makes Yashin a force of reckoning.

An extended break from wandering along the ‘yellow brick road’ of touring in 2014 brought Yashin back home, giving them time to reflect on their position as a band. During the course of the year the band needed some time to look at their musical direction, and clear the air of all that the road had stirred up.

It must have been during this time that Harry mused about the pressures of the road, the courage, heart and brains needed to get the band to where it now was. These musings formed the lyrics to ‘Dorothy Gale’, one of the singles from Yashin’s new album. Kevin’s chorus depiction of touring as a kind of Oz was a clever concept of a wonderful but strange and crazy world in which you could get lost. ‘Click my heels together and count to three, because there’s no place like home!’ No matter how many ups and downs Yashin encountered on their journey, in the end their home provided them with the balance they needed to succeed as a band. That was the lesson learned from the rollercoaster of the last couple of years.

Strengthened by the creative process, the band saw the new album as a rebirth, a new beginning – as manifested in the title song. They declared themselves outlaws and renegades, victorious over the pressures of the world. The title song provides the motif for the new record itself. It is all about clearing the air and presents an opportunity for their fans to engage with the band anew and a chance to identify with the rebellious urge to resist conformity. ‘The inspiration behind the title was to see ourselves as a gang rather than a band. Together with our fans we are a force, a powerful cult – What name is better suited to this cult than The Renegades?’ The record is thus an invitation to Yashin’s fans to break the mould and turn their back on the conventional minded, to even fight the urge to conform in oneself– and to join with the band and unite as one voice, as ‘The Renegades’.

With the new album ready, the band’s ready to head back out on tour, with a live date right here at The Borderline.


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