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The Men They Couldn’t Hang

Thursday 1st December 2016, 7:00 pm | 10:30 pm curfew Buy Tickets Tickets: £17.50

For the second year running… two nights, two Different sets, different supports each night

It may be hard to believe, but The Men They Couldn’t Hang have been tantalising our aural taste buds for more than 30 years. Three decades ago, ‘Green Fields of France’, their epic début single shot to number 1 in the NME Independent Music Chart. At the same time, Maggie Thatcher was crushing the mine-workers, an event recorded in the Men’s poignant elegy, ‘Shirt of Blue’. This is a song the band still play today, its meaning maturing over the years.

Drummers may come and go (as did original bass-player Shanne Bradley), but TMTCH’s line-up has remained steadfast since 1986. Stefan Cush, Swill Odgers, Paul Simmonds and Ricky McGuire remain The Men They Couldn’t Hang. With the addition of long-time associate Tom Spencer on banjo and guitar, and Nick Sputnik on drums and washboard, plus Bobby Valentino on fiddle and Clark Gable impressions, The Men intend to do serious damage over these two nights, as they always do.

As ever, the precise details will not be announced for a while (don’t we all love surprises?) but both nights will feature different sets and have different support acts. Some songs will make it into both sets, but don’t bet on which ones!

Only 100 discounted double tickets (£29.50) will be available for the two nights. When they’re gone, that’s it, everyone else will have to pay full price. TMTCH will be on stage at 8:30pm on both nights and will aim to finish around 10pm: this allows 30 minutes for chatting afterwards. Those who have last trains to catch can leave, having watched the entire show.

Min age 14, U16's with adult 18+ (Photo ID required for all customers)
Presented by Really Live Music